BVNGO Community Center

I had that along Oita River from September 26, 2018, "Mr. Otomo, remains work study house" was moved behind his house where Mr. Otomo's remains was found much and a renewal was opened as "southern barbarian BVNGO exchange house". I'm explaining clearly clearly that it was understood from Mr. Otomo's remains and a lot of books here about Sorin Otomo on the Tsutomu Osako's screen. There is a volunteer tour guide more conversant with Mr. Otomo, too, so the person who takes an interest go to a southern barbarian BVNGO exchange house by all means, please! About access, this. Here

The Nanban BVNGO Community Center is roughly divided into four groups.We will introduce the characteristics of each zone based on the actual experience.

AC zone

guidance corner

This is the first corner you will see when you enter Nanban BVNGO Community Center.First, watch the introduction video for about 2 minutes.Now that you have acquired a basic knowledge about Sorin OTOMO, isn't it easy for you to get the rest of the story into your head?It provides a rough overview of Otomo's 400-year history and achievements.

costune corner

衣装 Costume corners are equipped with costumes that can be worn by adults and children.In the midst of so many different styles, we also wore four different costumes, which looked as if they were the authentic costumes of Sorin OTOMO!We wore missionaries from the left, formal attire of busho (Japanese military commander), Nanbanfuku (southern European clothes) worn by Sorin OTOMO, and Nanban shonin (soldiers from southern Europe).

experience corner

You can directly touch the relics excavated from the Otomo ruins.There are nearly eight different sets of experiences, and it would be a good idea to give Sorin some weight by touching them.

Information search corner

This corner will be set up in 2019, so I would like to visit you again after it is set up.I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of corner you can make.

historical zone

大友 In the historical zone, a dynamic image of Sorin OTOMO's tokonoma shows his half-life in the world.

theater zone

The Theater Zone offers a large screen view of the world of Otomo-kan and Bungo-fu towns revealed in the excavation and research of the Otomo ruins!This is a tremendous force, so please take a look at it.

tea ceremony zone

Because Sorin was a master of the tea ceremony, you can experience the tea ceremony culture in a three-dimensional exhibition room, which was designed to look like a tea room from the Sengoku period.

garden deck

From the deck, you can see the garden where Sorin Otomo used to see.We are currently in the middle of restoring it, but we are looking forward to it as it will be released in the spring of 2020.

Restoration landscape=>